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The Regents

Elmwood Senior Center

1106 New Britain Avenue

West Hartford, CT 06110



September – October 2014 Newsletter



President’s Message                                                                                                                 Ed Geller

It is a pleasure to welcome you back to another year of the West Hartford Regents. I do hope that the summer season was beneficial and restful for you all, and that you are ready to enjoy this new Regent’s season. Hopefully, everyone came through the recent break healthy and happy. I am ready to go and know that it will be a great year for all of us.


Hospitality & Cheer                                                                                                                       Gerry Kent

We will be starting another year of Regents activity following a hot summer. Thanks to all those members of our organization who came forth to donate as sponsors for our weekly refreshments. Because of you we were able to provide the goodies every week without dipping into our reserve , leaving our reserve available to pay for the end of the season luncheon.

Sponsors this past 2013-2014 period were: Joel Neuwirth, Ron Fishman, Jerry Cohen, Irv Spiegelman, Milt Fried, Bob darling, Edward H. Friedman, Kurt Salm, Harry Rosenfeld, Norm Grody, Aaron Shakun (deceased), Sherman Gershman, Ben Goldfarb, Stan Edelstein (deceased), Gerry Kent, Al Viner, Ed Geller, Bill Zeldis, Steve Berman, Alvin Friedman, Les Abkowicz, David Brody, Mel Gerrol, Irving Shiffman, Joe Caraceni, Herb Silverman, Stan Sokolow, Phil Gladstein, Richard Gilman, Stan Abel, Bette Glooskin (for Ebner) and Mr. Anonymous.

Last year the members of the Board of Directors wanted to encourage more members to become involved in sponsoring meetings. They reduced the amount to sponsor from $50.00 to $25.00 per sponsor.This was apparently successful in that there were eleven more sponsors this past year than there were the previous year. The down side was that the the income to fund the social period was reduced by $250.00. This does not take into consideration the cost of the end of the year pasta luncheon.

I invite all of you you to consider donating to our 2014-2015 fund so that we can continue to provide refreshents at our meetings. It is an excellent way to acknowledge a special person or event in your life. If you are interested in being a sponsor please contact Bob Werdelin, Gerry Kent or Irv Spiegelman.

The Hospitality Committee this year again consists of: Gerry Kent, Ted Hoffberg, Walter Eichelman, Norm Grody, Milt Fried and Irv Spiegelman with Gerry Kent being chairperson. I do appreciate the offers of those members who offered to assist when we are confronted with a further need for assistance.

I would like to wish a Happy New Year to our Jewish members. May your new year be better than the last.


Regents Birthdays

      June                                        July                                         August

Stephen Thal                           Andre Gosselin                       Len Glazier

Sy Adlerstein                           Paul Cohen                             Ron Fishman

Mel Kosovsky                         Leslie Abkowicz                       Sherman Gershman

Kurt Saalm                              Stephen Berns                        Wally Masur

Zal Bass                                  Alan Pasternack                      Robert Werdelin

Sidney Keller                           Saunder Weinstein                 Mickey Fendell

Jerry Diamond                         Mel Feldman                           Jerry Cohen

David Robins                          James Tierney                         Myron Raisner

Shelly Stienhaus                     Berry Libman                          Stanley C. Tabara

Ben Goldfarb                           James Roberts                       Dave Goldberg

Herb Osber                              Herman Glassman                Jack Miller

Stanley Sokolow





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