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March – April 2015 Newsletter

President’s  Message                                                                             Ed Geller

Wow, hasn’t this been a record winter with low temperatures, snow, and generally poor weather conditions? Winter

can be dreary and many of us seek out the sunny climates of Florida and the islands. Others stay at home. For

those in the latter group, Regents meetings and activities help weather the storms and cold with fellow Regents.

There is probably going to be a bit more winter weather ahead but it is great to anticipate the change-over to

springtime in the coming weeks. So cheer up, spring is coming and I am sure we are looking forward to it.


Sadly, this past year we have lost many of our Regents including officers and committee members. Now we

must work together to give a boost to our organization, increase our membership roster and get more members

involved in the regular activities that make the Regents such a great group.


Please join with those who have been involved with our programs and activities and lend your support.



                                      ELMWOOD SENIOR CENTER’S

                                    TWELFTH ANNUAL HEALTH FAIR


                                        THURSDAY, APRIL 16, 2015

                                               9:00 – 12:00 Noon


FREE screenings include:


·       Blood pressure * cholesterol * diabetes * hearing * mood and memory * nutritional urinalysis * vision * weight

and more.


·       FREE hand massages, chair massages, Reiki, nail polishing and delicious food.   Visit our Specialty Boutique

located on the Second Floor.  Numerous vendor booths will be set up in the auditorium and second floor.


·       FREE cloth bags from the Elmwood Senior Center will be given out so that you can collect items from the

various vendors.


·       FREE breakfast foods will be offered in Room 211, located on the second floor.     No preregistration needed.



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