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January – February 2015 Newsletter

  President’s  Message                                                                                        Ed Geller

As the calendar year for 2014 ends and we enter a new year my sincere thanks are extended to the

Regents membership for helping to make this a successful year in the spirit of fellowship and

cooperation.  Special thanks are extended to The Regents Board of Directors, especially the

Committee Chairmen who keep activities humming at a satisfactory pace and to Russ Levere who

has done a great job obtaining outstanding speakers.


The December Luncheon and Dance at the Farmington Club ended the year on a high note,

Joe Caraceni and his volunteers deserve plaudits for their meticulous planning and officiating.


To All members of The Regents and their families I pray for your good health and happiness in this

New Year.



                          “FILES OF LIFE”

                         Emergency Medical Information

                 Available at Elmwood Senior Center, January 2015


IMAGINE THIS……….An ambulance soars past traffic, sirens screaming and lights flashing, the

medical technicians race towards the home of a senior citizen. When they arrive, the senior is

unconscious and they have little to go on. Does he have any existing conditions? Is he taking

any medications? Does he have allergies?


This frightening scenario is all too common for senior citizens and EMTs or first responders who

treat them. That’s why the FILE OF LIFE, a mini medical history posted on the outside of one’s

refrigerator, was developed and is being promoted in our community. The FILE OF LIFE card

enables medics to obtain a quick medical history when a patient is unable to offer one due to

trauma, injury, health, dementia, or unconsciousness.


The card, which is kept in a red plastic pocket labeled FILE OF LIFE, lists the patient’s name,

emergency medical contact, insurance policy, social security number, health problems, medications,

dosages, allergies, recent surgery, health care proxy, and religion. The entire pocket is held with a

magnet to the outside of the refrigerator and police and fire crews know to immediately check for the

pocket on this kitchen appliance. Do YOU have a FILE OF LIFE to assist rescuers when you need it

most? If not, visit the Elmwood Senior Center for your FREE emergency packet. You will be prepared

for home emergencies and have peace of mind knowing that medical personnel can more quickly

tend to your needs.


               Funding for “Files of Life” Courtesy of

              Town of West Hartford Fire Department

                        THANK YOU, WHFD!!




  Birthday               Happy Birthday to all who will  celebrate their birthday during the months

                               of January  and February:


                                                1/2     Gerald Kent                    will be 93

                                               1/5     Richard Gilman               will be 91

                                               1/7     Robert Darling                 will be 85

                                               1/12    Alvin Friedman               will be  87

                                               1/13    Ed Geller                        will be  83

                                               1/19    Herbert Golinsky             will be  93

                                               1/23    James Conley                 will be 78

                                               1/24    Harold Rosenfeld             will be 90

                                                1/26    Harry Gross                    will be 85

                                                2/11    Larry Carlson                  will be 65

                                                2/12    Mel Gerrol                       will be 81

                                                2/13    Custodio Reis                   will be 78

                                                2/17    Philip Post                        will be 84

                                                2/24    Richard Sneiderman         

                                                2/27    Allan Viner                       will be  77 

                                                2/28    Fred Kaprove                    will be 92


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