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May 2016 Newsletter


President’s  Message                                                                             Ed Geller

      Wow, how the time flies! It has been a pleasure for me to serve you as your President for

this past year. I will always be grateful for this opportunity.

     I am sure that the new officers 1will do a great gob. Give them your support. 

    Now that we are into the spring season and the bowling leagues are winding down, polish your golf clubs and get out on the golf greens. Take up table tennis and get out and try lawn bowling.

     In May, our last meeting will be the annual Memorial meeting where we will honor and remember our departed friends. Please attend.
     Have a great summer and I look forward to seeing you all in September.



Hospitality & Cheer                                                                    Irv Spiegelman


      We are now approaching the end of another season of Regents activities. We have enjoyed many good speakers, our annual “Holiday December Luncheon and Dance Party”, many hours of golf, bowling, bridge, lawn bowling and the many activities available to us though our membership. Most of all, we have enjoyed the pleasure of each others company at our meetings. We can now look forward to more of the same activity for the coming year.

     If you would like to have some other type of refreshment, please let one of the members of the hospitality committee know. If it can be done within the limits of our hospitality budget. I am sure an attempt will be made to meet your wishes.

     I would like to thank all those who so generously stepped forward to sponsor during the past year.
                            Sy Adlestein                                                Wally Mazur
                            Steve Berman                                             Myron Raisner
                            Joe Caraceni                                               Irving Shiffman
                            Marvin Cremer                                            Stan Sokolow
                            Alvin Friedman                                            Irv Spiegelman
                             Ed Geller                                                    Al Viner
                             Phil Gladstein                                            Julius Wachtel
                             Gerry Kent                                                 Bill Zeldis
                             Russ Levere

     Again, I invite all of you to consider being a sponsor for one of our future meetings. It is an excellent way to acknowledge a special person or event in your life:


                                              There will be NO FREE PASTA lunch this year.


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