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The Regents

Elmwood Senior Center

1106 New Britain Avenue

West Hartford, CT 06110



May 2014 Newsletter


President’s Message                                                                                                                    Joel Neuwirth


          My reign as President has been a satisfying one. As our 2013-2014 Regents year winds down, I would like to reflect on the past ten months.


  • A topnotch roster of guest speakers thanks to our Vice President Ed Geller.


  • Good opportunities for coffee and conversations thanks to Irv Spiegelman and his dependable team.


  • Good communications via e-mail and the website thanks to Paul Silversmith.


  • Strong support from the Board of Directors.


  • Appreciation of Jerry Cohen’s weekly minutes.


  • Bob Werdelin’s consistent accounting records


  • Credit to our in-house speakers who participated in “Getting To Know Me” program which we plan on continuing.


In a few weeks we will celebrate our 40th anniversary. I hope every Regents member will join us for the celebration!




Membership                                                                                                                                 Herb Silverman

This is the last newsletter you will be receiving before the summer break. I am sorry to report the passing of the following Regents:

  • Seymour Benson                 2005
  • Daniel Miller                         1986
  • Norm Polman                       1998
  • Paul Matasovski                   2008

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a healthy and happy summer.



Hospitality/Cheer                                                                                                                             Irv Spiegelman


          We are now approaching the end of another season of Regents activities.  We have enjoyed many good speakers: our annual December luncheon and dance party; many hours of golf, bowling, bridge, lawn bowling, and the many activities available to us through our membership. Most of all, we have enjoyed the pleasure of each other’s company at our meetings. Now, looking ahead, we can look forward to more of the same activity for the coming year.

My committee, consisting of Milt Fried, Gerry Kent, Ted Hoffberg, Walter Eichelman, Norm Grogy, and I have enjoyed our job of suppling the refreshments after the meeting as well as the pasta lunch yearly. The committee will continue to provide the refreshments, but now under the leadership of Gerry Kent. I have decided that it is now time that I allow time for some travel and vacation time with my wife, something that the responsibility of committee leadership has kept me from considering. I will continue to make myself available to assist where possible.

If you would like to see some other variation of refreshment, please let one of the members of the hospitality committee know. If it can be done, within the limits of our hospitality budget and other constraints, I’m sure an attempt will be made to meet your wishes. I want to thank all those who so generously stepped forward to be sponsors during the past year. Again, I invite all of you to consider being a sponsor for one of our future meetings. It is an excellant way to acknowledge a special person or event in your life.

Now, for one final item. May 20th is the date of the installation of our new officers and the recognition of the annual “Outstanding Regent”. This is also the date for our free pasta lunch. To be able to plan properly, we need information. Please fill out the form on the table at the door at our meetings and return it to one of the committee members no later than May 13th.

I would like  to thank all those who so generously stepped forward to be a sponsor during the past year:


Leslie Abkowicz                    Edward Friedman                  Kurt Salm

Steve Berman                       Ed Geller                               Aaron Shakun

David Brody                          Mel Gerrol                              Irving Shiffman

Joe Caraceni                        Sherman Gershman              Herb Silverman

Jerry Cohen                          Phil Gladstein                       Stan Sokolow

Bob Darling                           Ben Goldfarb                        Irv Spiegelman

Ron Fishman                        Norm Grody                          Al Viner

Milton Fried                           Gerry Kent                           Bill Zeldis

Alvin Friedman                     Joel Neuwirth                       (Mr. Anonymous who sponsored a number of times)


Again, I invite all of you to consider being a sponsor for one of our future meetings. It is an excellent  way to acknowledge a special person or event in your life.


Have a Safe Summer

See You in September




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