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May 2015 Newsletter

President’s  Message                                                                             Ed Geller

In a few short weeks my term as President will come to a close, when I pass the torch to a

new group of incoming elected officers. We wish them success in continuing the friendship and

of the Regents organization.


We have enjoyed many different speakers this year, thanks to the hard work of Russ Levere.

There is also a great big thank you to all the other committee members who pitched in and made

the year a pleasure for me. I hope it was a fun year for each and every one of you.


A special thanks to our Sunshine Boys for the many delightful musical interludes during our



Another area worth mentioning is the membership. There are many future members out there,

so keep your eyes open for good prospects, don’t keep the Regents a secret, and invite them

to join and be a part of the fun.


Best wishes to all for a summer of enjoyment with family and friends.



                                    Elmwood Senior Center

                                         “KNOW & GROW”

                                   ~ Learning is Timeless ~


Pack a snack or sandwich (beverages and dessert provided) and gather with others who have inquiring minds and love to learn! Topics will vary to appeal to all interests – suggestions ALWAYS welcomed! Meet new friends along the way to our “celebration of education”. Register at Elmwood Senior Center office, 2nd floor.       Free for Members, $1 Non-Members


May 15th (Fri), 10-11 am  RECYCLE! West Hartford!  Ernest St. Jacques Auditorium

Be a friend of Planet Earth! Learn the latest about household recycling and West Hartford’s new “EnviroCycle” facility located at 25 Brixton Street. Yard waste, household recyclables, motor oil, batteries, dirt, rocks, and electronics can all find a home that is NOT part of the waste stream. We are all challenged to do our part to prevent pollution and minimize the tons of trash annually brought to area dumps at a cost to YOU as well as the environment.


June 11th (Thurs) 10-11 am              GRASS ROOTS                   WEST HARTFORD

This newly-formed group of West Hartford town residents is part of a movement across the United States advocating for municipalities to take back the right to regulate which chemicals can and cannot be applied to local lawns. Kim Hughes, Doug Rankin, and Ann Reynolds will educate participants about the effects of pesticides and herbicides and provide organic alternatives to traditional lawn care. The goal of “GRASS ROOTS” is to put West Hartford on the map as a pesticide and herbicide free town. Perhaps YOU would like to join the cause.


June 25th (Thurs),10-11 am  ESTATE PLANNING BASICS FOR EVERYONE 2nd floor


Join Elder Law Attorney George Bickford for an informational-filled session on advocacy and planning for your future. Get answers to situations which can appear to be complicated but, with the proper guidence and advice, can be quite manageable. Title 19 will also be discussed.

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